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July 22, 2012
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You sighed.

A new house means a new school. And you moved all the way across the country. It won't take long before your classified as the nerd again. what made it worse was that all your true friends are across the country. And starting anew didn't sound all that appetizing, since it took you six years of elementary school too finally find a true friend in middle school. At least there was this cool thing called the internet to keep you and your friends in touch.

Walking into your new school you noticed a few people watching you. Mostly popular kids, which surprised you. Popular kids don't even pay a second glance at you.

(America's POV)

Talking to my bro Matt when I noticed a hot new girl walk in.

"What are you staring at?" Matt asked when he noticed me dosing off.

"New girl with huge tits."

Matt turned to get a look at this girl. "Got that right." He whistled.

(Your POV)

Second period biology had just started, and you couldn't shake the feeling that everyone was watching you. Not only that but the pain in your chest much of late was unbearable. You thought science was never going to end when the bell rang. You where almost out of the door when you fell over unconscious from to much pain in your chest.


When you came to you where in the nurse's office.

"Nice to see you're awake. You gave everybody a scare. Al and Matt brought you here. You should tell them thank you." The nurse said when she saw you where awake.

"What happened?" You asked.

"Well... How to say this? Well. when did you last check your bra size?"

"Three years ago." You said flushed. Even though the nurse is a girl.

"You need to start checking it more often. You're wearing a size way to small for you, it was constricting your chest. Lucky for you..." The nurse said reaching in a cabinet     for something. "You're not the only one with that problem in this school. Here. Try this on." She said handing you a bra.

Changing in the room you thought a little of the nurse, since she keeps bras in her cabinet.

"It fits." You said when you came out.

"Indeed." The nurse said after looking you up and down. "34 d. Remember that and get some more."

"Ok." You said leaving the nurses office.

Just in time for lunch. Let's go find Matt and Al.

(America's POV)

Matt and I skipped third period to eavesdrop on the situation concerning the new girl. By the time she left we where amazed. 34 d. This could be interesting. 

I looked down towards Matt and gave him a nod to follow the new girl.

(Your POV)

After eating lunch you began your search for Matt and Al. Everyone seamed to know them, for better or worse.

When you finally gave up on looking you sighed and set off towards your next class twenty minuets early.

Suddenly one arm was slung around your shoulders and another wrapped around your waist.

"Heard you where looking for us miss. d-cup." Two voices said in unison.
2p! Canada and 2p! America are pervs!!! X(

:icon2pcanadaplz: :icon2pamericaplz:

Rose:You just down graded my chest!
Alexandra: and I just up graded mine.
Rose: poor little 34 b
Alexandra: shut up 30 f at least I'm taller
(Actual conversation)

Hetalia (C) Hidekaz Himaruya
Story (C) Me (Alexandra)
You (C) your breast
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